Study abroad in Japan with low cost and high quality

Due to the shortage of young manpower resources, Japanese Government has recently adopted policies to attract foreign students to study and work in their country with good conditions. However, that is not the main reason why studying in Japan is becoming the trend among young people not only in Viet Nam.
Study abroad in Japan

Benefits of study abroad in Japan have brought not only every young person, but also Vietnamese society. Study in Japan is really a wise choice to start a better future.

Study in Japan is really a wise choice to start a better future

The 21st century is the era needing efficient knowledge workforce of international stature. Study in Japan points not only future for young students, but also memorable courses that create the confidence of yourselves. Let’s show the reason why choosing study in Japan is ticket to ensure for a better future.

Developed educational environment: Japan is a country with high science and the world’s leading economy development. Higher education is considered as the minimum infrastructure of society with various forms. Japan has over 700 universities, and about 3000 specialized schools.

All of them have full infrastructure, equipment to serve study and entertainment. Study rooms nearly open 24/24 to students can study according to its plans. After stressful learning time, students can join sport and cultural clubs such as football, basketball, music, and Japanese’s regular culture as Kendo, Sado, Archery. Annualy, the school often holds outside trips for students such as skiing, going mountaineering at Phu Sy mountain, hot spring at special treatment.

Reasonable expenses: Public university’s tuition is averagely about 100 – 140 million dongs/ per year, while 300 million dongs or more in America, Australia, The United of States. Besides, the expenses to study in Japan is not high than before, because there are many companies in the field of study in Japan opened which make competitive price and more realistic.

Many scholarships: Japan has many scholarships for international students, especially Vietnamese student such as the scholarship of school, Japanese Government (MEXT, JDS) or form Japanese companies about 130 – 140 million dongs/per year.

Saving expenses: Japanese Government allows students to work part – time with maximum 28 hours/week. Currently, salary at restaurants is about 800 Yen/hour. If you work enough time, average income is about 19 million dongs (1 Yen = 210,000 dongs). After deducting daily expenses and house rent, you can save about 8 million dongs/month to pay tuition for next semester.

Job opportunity in Japan and after return to Viet Nam: after graduated university, foreign students can apply for job in Japan with starting salary is about 42 million dongs/month. Especially, the certificate of bachelor in Viet Nam is admitted in Japan. Therefore, after graduated in Viet Nam and Japanese school, you can apply for job in Japan. If you want to return to Viet Nam to attribute energy to the country, you can get a good job with high income in Viet Nam.

Top security in the world: Students do not need to be scared of Japan security and political risks, because security in Japan is very good, and Japanese people always comply with the regulations of law. Theft, intimidation, driving when drinking alcohol are considered very important and will be severely punished.

Study in Japan with Thang Long OSC: saving cost, the best quality

Thang Long OSC is proud of the program of study in Japan. With the strength of workforce and quality, we have consulted and completed the administrative formalities for the thousands of students in Viet Nam to reach dream. Thang Long OSC committed to offer the most exact consultancy and clear orientation on study and work courses in Japan.

Thang Long OSC always strives with students on journey touching the land of cherry blossom. The confidence of student is motivated to Thang Long OSC researches constantly the ways to minimize costs, to improve the quality of study abroad.
  • Join Thang Long OSC, you will NOT TAKE ANY COSTS WHATSOEVER when you do not have  a student VISA ( status COE)
  • The clear costs, at the beginning, students are informed about the information as: right, cost, and …. others.
  • Thang Long OSC commits the rate to pass visa as high as 100%
  • Thang Long OSC is representative for more 300 schools in Japan that you can choose to study in any school if you want, including: TOKYO, OSAKA, FUKOUKA, NAGOYA, SAITAMA, CHIBA, GIFU, WAKAYAMA, SHIZUOKA, KOBE, KANAGAWA, YAMANASHI…
  • Thang Long OSC coordinates school to make working conditions  for students after entry from 1 week – 1 month depending on the level of Japanese student. 100%  student will have a job within a maximum time 1 month with the income from 25 to 30 million/month.
  • Thang Long has always supported and resolved the problem of  students on study courses in Japan.
  • Thang Long OSC manages students closely “ as the army”. After about 4- 6 months, student will have a better Japanese language and have soft skills.
  • Specially,students who have graduated from college – university in Viet Nam will be guided to change the permanent workers VISA ( income from 1500 to 2500 USD/ 1 month) after graduating Japanese courses ( from 16 – 24 months).
  • Besides, Thang Long OSC supports 11 free items up to 30 million for the students when signing the Japan study abroad from Thang Long OSC.
  • Learn FREE Japanese language with native and Vietnamese teachers at The Thang Long Japanese Center. They have high degree, good skills. 100% students complete the certified N5 TOPJI.
  • FREE the high quality hostel during the learning language and cultural knowledge courses.
  • FREE one way – air ticket: Ha Noi – Japan up to 500 USD
  • FREE the consulting interview and choose a school
  • Register for the student’s examination
  • FREE translation for profile
  • Demonstrated income for FREE
  • VISA Fee and the letter of admission for FREE
  • Thang Long OSC’s staff bring students to the airport and complete the exit procedures
  • Thang Long OSC’s staff pick students at Japan airport and complete the admission for FREE
  • Support for free bank loans

Thang Long OSC always hopes to be cooperated with the highest quality schools in Japan to support the best conditions for students who study and work in Japan.