Opposite reality “no pink” of study in Japan

Thang Long OSC believe that advertisements about study abroad with many attractive things you could listen to anywhere a lot. Therefore, we will not talk about good things but abstract beside reality. The old people said that: “Can’t make bricks without straw”, you can not get success without effort. Choosing to study in Japan is not a journey opened out carpet by roses with joy, success which must effort by heart, energy in Japan. It is not easy and “pink” as consultancy of the company in the field of study abroad.

Have you been “hooked” by the study abroad company?

If you are easy to believe on advertisement such as: cheap cost, free application, passing Visa with high rate 100%,…and rhetoric advice from consultants. It means you have been “hooked” by the study abroad company.

If you believe passing rate 100%, you have been “hooked” without check information. In fact, you should not believe that consultancy, because Immigration Department of Japan will directly provide Visa for you. A prestige company will not consult without truth, conversely, they show you how to complete the best impressed Visa application. Besides, they invest major staffs to process Visa application, necessary procedures,….for students with aiming to protect student’s rights better. Therefore, you should not be easy to believe into any companies as well as asking Visa, remember that if you missed visa for the first time, it is so difficult for the second time.

If you believe that study cost is too cheap, just about 100 million dongs to under 200 million dongs, you also have been “hooked”. Currently, many companies have deployed study in Japan programs with very little money, about 80 to 160 million dongs only without extra cost,…Almost everyone likes this, but remember that “Cheapest is dearest”, because the cost to study abroad is not cheaper than the local universities. You can see that on the Internet by the study abroad companies which have risen as mushrooms after rain to meet demand for study abroad of young generation.

Besides study cost, we also consider problems of quality, business ethic,…..Many students, and its families believe cheap cost, and go to the company to deposit, sign the contract,…just fall back when they are informed about extra costs to more 300 million dongs.

Thang Long OSC understands that almost all students are disadvantaged from the village with main career is farmer. Their parent must borrow money from various sources with desire their child will earn money to pay the debt in the process of study and work in Japan. Therefore, let’s know to love parent, not easy to believe any the companies, especially must carefully find out about study abroad such as clear cost, prestige company,….before making a final decision.

If you believe that study in Japan is unoccupied, and can earn at least 30 to 50 million dongs per month, you have been “hooked” a lot. Life of a student in Japan is not difficult, but “no pink” or just bring your bag to experience culture on heavy. Japanese Government clearly assign that each student is allowed to work for 4 hours/week or 28 hours/week, average salary per 1 hour at least from 750 Yen (about 160,000 dongs). If student exceeds the above hour will be punished, even deported. In fact, daily costs in Japan are quite expensive, especially the busy cities such as Tokyo. Many students shared to Thang Long OSC after deducting expenses of meal, house, other expenses, remain money is not much. Some students have not other ways, they must work 2 – 3 part – time jobs per day to earn money enough to send to Viet Nam if lucky.
du hoc nhat ban

How should you do to not “hooked” by the study abroad company?
The story of consultant study abroad with 72 magical power of “Monkey King” always is popular, so if you have been “hooked” to fall down in “trap” of the company without pretiges, the first fall belongs to you. Why so that?

You can access on the Internet, find out about study abroad information with a smartphone or on TV, media,….Why do not you update those information?

A prestige company must have a permit by MOLISA issued. Directly visit the company office to verify information, and remember to not go through brokerage. The prestige clearly always pledge all costs, a clear study route for you. They will explain details if you do not understand, and orientate, support you to learn knowledge before exiting.

A prestige company will not pledge passing rate 100%. They will orientate you to study in the schools with high quality, especially, they will support you through your study course inside and outside of the country.

Generally, the popular questions of student family do not learn about study abroad program, educational quality,…they is interested in cost, and exit time, such as “Are study costs cheap? Why is training so long? Many places are just 2 – 3 months, even exit without learning foreign language, this place or that place has cost 160 million dongs only…

If you want to not wait for a long time or learn Japanese language,….you must pay “price” so expensive in Japan. Study in Japan with “pink” only for students who dare to effort for dream, and meet enough all conditions to study in Japan. Therefore, do not believe in rhetorical advice such as no degree, fake application, bad moral,…

In order to learn a study in Japan program with high quality and prestige, please contact Thang Long OSC via hotline 0246.686.6770. Currently, we are deploying special treatment for students study in Japan 2017. Accordingly, learn Japanese free from 4 to 6 months with Japanese teacher before exiting, receive one – way airplane ticket valued 500 USD, especially receive 5 million dongs in cash for who register online or directly at our office. Let Thang Long OSC with you on the successful street.