Forestalling trend of study abroad in Korea 2017

Korea is considered as a top educational quality country in the world. However, study in Korea does not require a lot of strict conditions and the costs is usually much cheaper than other similar countries such as The United Kingdom, American, Japan, Singapore,….Because of attractive culture, employment opportunity, and educational quality, so this country is magnet attracting young generation to study.

However, no one has enough conditions, qualifications and lucks to get scholarship ticket as key to go to this country. In that situation, study in Korea is a method effectively. 2017 is expected to be blooming year of study in Korea, so quickly choose a prestige, professional study course of Thang Long OSC to forestall this potential trend.
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1.   Attraction of study in Korea

Live and learn knowledge in a country with the economy is known as “Asia’s dragon”. Referring to Korea, it refers to famous entertainment industry and Asian leading economy with famous brands in the world, making employment for millions of people such as Samsung, LG, Huyndai, Lotte, Daewoo,…Viet Nam and Korea have accelerate many cooperation programs to develop together. This makes an opportunity for students after finished its study programs. Besides, you can work long – term in Korea or return to Viet Nam and work in a Korean company with high income.

Korean education in the leading top of the world with the best teaching quality. List of 60 countries with advanced education, Korea is ranked 28th. In 2012, Korea is ranked behind Finland only for educational quality. Korean Government is always priority to develop education. Therefore, students always study in professional environment with complete, and modern infrastructure. Besides, Korean universities has various career and training system from college, university to postgraduate education. Students are always satisfied with teaching program between theory and practice. After graduated, students will be rewarded graduated certificate committed in the world.

Cheap cost and high educational quality as Europe, America: Tuition in Korean universities is quite cheap and suitable for Vietnamese’s students, and this tuition and daily expenses norm are 1/3 beside Europe, America and Japan, Singapore….but educational quality is good. In addition, Korean’s universities has many attractive scholarships to encourage excellent students.

Income 1000 USD to 1,500 USD/per month from part- time job. Easy to get a part –time job in your qualification as well as your time condition. You can pay tuition and daily expenses from your part – time income. Part – time job help you develop language and bring to you exciting experience.

Opportunity to learn language and get more experience. Study abroad is the best condition to learn language to serve for job, and building future. Besides, Korea is considered as a friendly country with safe security, the lowest criminal rate, and people are always to help you in difficult situation. Therefore, families are able to fully feel secure through study abroad period.
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2. Study route when studying in Korea with Thang Long OSC

Stage 1: Training Korean language before departure
  • Duration: 1 – 3 months
  • Limit time: 5 lessons/week
  • Tuition: 6 million dongs/ course

Stage 2: Study Korean in Korea from 6 months to 1 year to get Korean certificate.

Almost Korea’s universities have short training language program for students. Generally, this program includes 04 semesters, each semester is taught about 200 hours.

The program is designed to support students can fall in line with life in Korea through improving communication skills in real life.
Besides, students will also have opportunity to experience Korea’s culture, and food with outside programs.

Stage 3: Learning major from 2 to 3 years

Students can choose vocational school, college, university,…with various career (IT, electronic, restaurant, hotel, media,…) according to your desire, hobby and qualification.

Notice of admission time and exit:
  • Spring (exiting on March): deadline to apply before February 28th
  • Summer (exiting on June): deadline to apply before April 30th
  • Autumn (exiting on September): deadline to apply before June 30th
  • Winter (exiting on December): deadline to apply before October 30th

3.   Participant to join study in Korea
  • Male/Female aged 18 – 28
  • Graduated high school or more
  • Have good health to study and work in Korea, especially no infectious diseases
  • No criminal record, and never have been to Korea
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4. Package cost, clear payment at Thang Long OSC
  • Package cost: about 9,500 USD depending on each case and study region.
  • Costs include:
  • Admission
  • Tuition
  • Hostel
  • Insurance
  • Other costs: book, study device

5.   Application.
  • Identity card (original file + 4 copies notarized)
  • Passport (original file)
  • Birth certificate (4 copies notarized)
  • Family record (4 copies notarized)
  • Degree and high school report (original file +4 copies notarized)
  • Curriculum Vitae confirmed by People’s committee of village (4 files)
  • 10 pictures 4x6, 10 pictures 3x4 with white background, and 4 pictures 3,5x4,5
  • Parent’s ID (4 copies notarized)
  • Criminal record certificate (2 files)

6. Why should you choose Thang Long OSC to start studying in Korea?

To Thang Long OSC, you will see a professional, prestige and dedicated company from consultants. If you register to study in Korea at Thang Long OSC, you will receive:
  • Cheap cost is only 9,500 USD.
  • Passing Visa rate is highly 100%. Support straight visa for special cases.
  • Support to demonstrate finance.
  • Support to find part – time job in Korea: Income from 1000 to 1500 USD/month. Jobs include: working at a restaurant, factory,…In order to get a part – time job, you must be good at Korean communication, and have employment permit by the school issued.
  • Support 100% to find a job in Korean company, group, joint - venture company,….with attractive salary in Viet Nam after graduated.

Let’s join to study abroad at Thang Long OSC, we will open a bright future for you. Let’s go to Korea to have an opportunity to experience in advanced education, and explore culture as well as color life of Korean people.

7. Contact

Thang Long International Cooperation Joint Stock Company
Add: No.7, 8th floor, Ton That Thuyet street, Cau Giay district, Ha Noi city