The “golden rules” should remember tobe safe and lawful inlabor export.

Safe and lawful migration helps you feel more confident, work more safe and effective, avoiding exploitation and abuse. In order to work abroad safe, you should carefully remember the “golden rules” as below:
Nguyên tắc khi xuất khẩu lao động.

1. Always fully explore rights and risks before working abroad.

Labor export is not travelling or “keep one’s hands in pockets” but also picking up money and besides its big benefits brought, there are still risks if worker do not carefully prepare emotions as well as knowledge. You should know that labor export is a hiring process for employer, enterprise,….at foreign country, so you must  comply with the lawful request of employer or working under norm or production.

Salary and other incomes are sets up by the employment contract, and in order to raise incomes has a way: work overtime which will directly affect your health and many risk cases happened. Therefore, labor export seems a hard working trip away from home, so you should know how to spend your money in life. However, if you get used to workplace and working conditions, you can spend time to visit home country to learn more its culture, and people.

Check the recruiter’s legal status:

Before putting your truth into any labor export recruiter, carefully check the recruiter by asking them to look documents as below:
  • Lawful permit issued by MOLISA;
  • Responding file of DOLAB for worker supply contract;
  • A letter of recommendation and another documents demonstrate that the recruiter is allow to recruiter workers lawfully.
  • Note: You can find a list of companies in the field of labor export allowed by DOLAB on its website: If you find out any problems, inform to People’s Committee of village, district or MOLISA.

2. Sign the contract after understanding labor export carefully

A contract is very important legal document, because it assigns the rights and obligations of the employee as well as the employer. Therefore, you should sign the contract after understanding all terms clearly. A contract has the information maximum as below:
  • Name of the employer;
  • Salary, overtime salary, and bonus;
  • Working time, rest time;
  • Allowances;
  • Specific cost that you have to pay;
  • Deductions form salary;
  • Working duties and details on the contract duration;
  • Note: Time of signing the contract at least 5 days before exiting

3.   Always keeping documents and send copies to any persons who are believed by you

You should keep your personal papers. Remember to keep your passport, visa, working permit, and others relating to your job. Do not give anyone or the recruiter company the origin of above papers even they are required to keep them. At the same time, you should copy the above papers and send its copies to your family before exiting. Besides, you should take the above copies with you.

In addition, remember that you have the rights of travel. The employer has no right to restrict your travel and they has no right to close your door. You has right to close your door from inside.
Quy định xuất khẩu lao động

4.   Respect labor discipline, company regulation, customs of home country, and do not join social evils, unlawful.

Some workers from agricultural labors, most of them are not familiar with the style of industry such as daily life of home country, so if you break regulations you will be punished. Out of working time, you can interact to local country’s people, you should respect the customs of them (example: relation between male and female, smoking, drinking, abstaining from some meals; styles when visiting temple, pagoda,…)

After working time (rest time, or holidays), some people often “relax” by drinking alcohol, playing cards overnight. These adversely affect your health, even fighting that reduces Vietnamese’s reputation. Besides, some cases are abusing co – worker by usury, running away, if happening you will be lost work, or deported without any compensations.

5.   Update your information of responsibilities and rights

You should know addresses as below: Viet Nam Embassy’s phone number, Labor Management or company representative office at home country,…to get support. Especially, you should keep calm in losing work. Currently, Korea, Singapore, Czech, Malaysia,…have policies to get workers returning to home. Viet Nam Government also ask labor export companies to make compensate for returned workers.

Besides, you should directly contact companies which supply worker to work abroad. In fact, labor export company which is chosen always with you and resolve all additional problems in the process of work abroad. Therefore, firstly contact them to be supported.