Thang Long OSC’s trainee took an exam for male package order working in Fukuoka, Japan.

On June 8th recently at Thang Long Japanese Center, Japanese Trade Union and partners directly visited and recruited Thang Long OSC’s workers.

The male package order is considered to be one of the best orders of month with high income, received many registers from workers would go to work in Japan. However, only 6 candidates selected to take an exam.
Học viên ThangLong OSC thi tuyển đơn hàng nam đóng gói làm tại Fukuoka, Nhật Bản

In the early morning, the trainees were queuing up to welcome Japanese partners visiting Thang Long Japanese Center. In recruitment room, after greeted, The Trade Union’s representative expressed their joy because of serious attitude of trainees. They said: “This is order for male who has good health, hard - working, inquisitive”.

The flexibility and attitude are the best important criteria that Japanese partner select workers for its company. The Trade Union also advised on the issue of occupational safety and health as well as complying with Japanese’s legal, the regulations of the company.
Học viên ThangLong OSC thi tuyển đơn hàng nam đóng gói làm tại Fukuoka, Nhật Bản

In order to officially work in Japan, 6 trainees will be completed 2 rounds of the exam, including interview and physical test. Before starting the examination, trainees will be listened to introduction about the company as well as work of block brick order through photos and videos prepared. 6 trainees intently listened and also asked some questions about this work.

The physical test is firstly held for 6 trainees very easy, this is completed push with the beat count. The supple health of trainees will be clearly revealed in this test. After finishing this test, the Japanese partner highly appreciated about professional style and serious attitude of trainees.
Học viên ThangLong OSC thi tuyển đơn hàng nam đóng gói làm tại Fukuoka, Nhật Bản

After 5 minutes of rest and preparation, the trainees were arranged into top 2 trainees/1 time to enter the interview round. The trainees have to introduce yourself by Japanese language to get point with the recruiter, also answer the questions which posed by the Japan company. The subjects are quite easy such us: Do you have many friends in Viet Nam? What food do you like or hate? Which place do you want to visit in Japan?...

There are also some questions that otherwise observant tips in reply, you will lose points in the recruiter’s eyes. Finishing per interview round, the trainees will be asked the recruiter some questions and this is an opportunity to express demand for work in Japan

The result was informed thereafter by the Japanese partner. Congratulating 3 trainees passed the examination in this order. The timetable of exit is going to take place in October, 2016. And time remaining, the trainees have to strive to learn Japanese language, knowledge of culture, law in Japan