Thang Long OSC’s trainee took an exam for collecting chicken egg working in Kyoto, Japan.

Recently, 15 trainees of Thang Long OSC took an exam for collecting chicken egg working in Kyoto, Japan. A Trade Union’s representative in Kyoto directly visited and recruited to select the best candidates for this order.
Thi tuyển đơn nữ nhặt trứng gà 1
15 trainees joining collecting chicken egg order

Accordingly, the agricultural order working in Japan recruits female to feed chickens, collect chicken eggs,…is one of the best orders attracting a lot of candidates, because of high income ~ 135,000 Yen/month (approximately 30 million dongs) without overtime. Especially, this order has no requirement of experience, skill but focuses on attitude, personality so the recruitment is quite easy.
Thi tuyển trứng gà 2
Lining up to welcome Japanese partners

After listening to Japanese representative thoroughly introduced about the company, workplace, working duties, salary, allowance, and other information and each top of 3 trainees was invited to answer questions directly.

Each trainee had to greet and introduce yourself in Japanese. At the same time, you had to make a good impression with fine responses, clear goals and demonstrate the spirit of learning and understanding of work, Japanese country…..The questions in this interview are quite easy such as: “Tell me the reason why choosing to work in Japan, Why do you choose collecting chicken egg order?, Appreciate your personality and suitability for your job in Japan….”.
Thi tuyển trứng gà 3
15 candidates were introduced about job and asked questions to Japanese representative

After each part of the interview, Japanese partners spent time listening and answering all questions of trainee about this order and behavior culture in Japanese enterprise…Japanese partners highly considered honesty, learning of Thang Long OSC’s trainees and they would like to cooperate recruitment trainees for next orders.
Thi tuyển trứng gà 4
5 excellent trainees passed the interview for collecting chicken order

Finally, Japanese partners spent time considering applications to select winners. The result has 5 excellent trainees passed the interview for collecting chicken egg. For 5 trainees, Japanese partners spent time giving detailed instructions on studying, training before exiting.

5 trainees are expected to learn the knowledge of culture, Japanese at Thang Long Japanese Center after the interview day. The course lasts about 4 months until exit date. This is a precious interval for you to learn more knowledge, experience before working in Japan, so you must try your best to reach your success.

Currently, Thang Long OSC recruits a large number of workers for the orders of garment, agriculture, mechanic, construction, food, work in Japan, Taiwan. In order to register these orders, please contact us as below:

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