Thang Long OSC absolutely applies The Code of Conduct Viet Nam to labor export

Being a member of VAMAS Association, Thang Long OSC highly appreciates The Code of Conduct Viet Nam for Vietnamese companies sending workers to work abroad (CoC – VN). From June 20th 2017 CoC – VN Implementation Faculty of Thang Long International Cooperation and Investment Joint Stock Company established, all of Board of Directors and employees realized positive meaning in applying CoC – VN. At the same time, the Code is considered as a guideline to lead for the company, and absolute apply 12 principle groups of CoC – VN throughout Thang Long OSC’s business activities.

According to training, Thang Long OSC’s employees were aware of CoC – VN built and based on the regulations of Vietnamese Law, the convention and recommendation of ILO, and other international standards which are related to sending workers to work abroad. CoC – VN is considered as a tool to self – supervise and appraise with aiming to promote fair competition and protect migrant workers more effectively.

Although CoC – VN does not replace legal document, the Code contains content, requirement as a legal document. Pledging to implement CoC – VN is also based on voluntary principle with Supervision Department is VAMAS Association and ILO.

Through the processes of investigation and application, Thang Long OSC was aware of CoC – VN thoroughly “understand” professional knowledge of each company in the business activities of labor export from orientation to develop business service, brand, and build the behavior standards in business, and help Vietnamese companies to comply with legal regulations,…to management professional knowledge such as communication, recruitment, and training, protecting the rights of worker when abroad, building relationship with partners, welcome workers to return home, and creating reintegration jobs,…

CoC – VN is a voluntary mechanism to improve compliance internal law and international standards, develop company management, and protect migrant workers from exploitation and forced labor. For the aspect of compliance law and applying CoC – VN in business is to change obligation for voluntariness to help Vietnamese companies avoid legal violations, and develop fair competition in the field of labor export more positively.

For the aspect of building prestige, CoC – VN is a basic to Vietnamese companies improve service quality, raise its brand in the eyes of worker and foreign partner, and to protect migrant worker’s legal rights and benefits. If any company complies with CoC – VN as good and be rated from 5 to 6 stars which will become a well – known brand. That is the premise to create the trust to attract more workers and foreign partners, thereby promoting the development of the company.


Disseminating CoC – VN to business trainees of Thang Long OSC

Established in 2013 and main business in the field of supplying the international market such as Japan, Taiwan,…with manpower resources. Form the beginning, Thang Long OSC orientated to develop business according to the criteria: putting worker’s rights on the top, attaching much importance to company prestige and national benefit. According to this guideline, Thang Long OSC thoroughly strives to recruit, and train, as well as develop talented manpower resources with aiming to attract investment, cooperation of foreign partners from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the Middle East,…Participating in VAMAS and implementing CoC – VN is a big turning – point to help Thang Long OSC improve service quality and build better image in the eyes of workers.

Besides, absolute applying of 12 principle groups of CoC – VN into business have helped Thang Long OSC receive positive results, not only prestige but also Thang Long OSC’s brand is better recognized by workers, foreign partners, and Government Offices. At the same time, development guideline, business and management policies, training policies at Thang Long OSC have improved better to meet strict requirements from partners.

For the new development policy of Thang Long OSC, and applying CoC – VN, the workers have received a lot of benefits when participating in labor export. Details: The worker registers to work abroad through Thang Long OSC will be trained foreign language, professional skill, soft skill,…to have good behavior, and qualification. This helps worker approach to good order with high income, and good compensation. Especially, Thang Long OSC’s policy is to recruit without broker with direct recruitment which helps worker receive the best service quality, and the lowest cost.

Because of applying CoC – VN, Thang Long OSC improved operation, management, and developing service better. With the desire to further dedicate to the field of supplying the international market with manpower resources, and develop suitable brand, as well as create benefits for workers and society, Thang Long OSC pledges to continue complying with The Code of Conduct Viet Nam, and Thang Long OSC also would like to   all Vietnamese companies in the field of labor export will voluntarily apply CoC – VN into business in order to improve the quality of supplying the international market with manpower resources.