Contest for chicken breeding, collecting chicken egg order working in Japan.

Recently, representatives of feeding enterprise in Ibaraki directly visited and recruited Thang Long OSC’s trainees for chicken breeding, collecting chicken egg order working in Japan.

This is the first time this enterprise has cooperated with Thang Long International Cooperation and Investment Joint Stock Company to recruit workers, so the result of the interview is considered as an exploration step to promote the relationship of both 2 sides.
Thi tuyển trứng gà nam
Candidates join chicken feeding, collecting chicken egg order working in Ibaraki

After the preliminary selection, 3 excellent trainees were selected to directly join the interview by Japanese partner. After greeting, each trainee had to introduce yourself in Japanese and present his strengths and weakness as well as goals to Japan.

Thi tuyển trứng gà Nhật Bản
3 trainees were selected to directly join the interview

Japanese partners spent about 15 minutes introducing details on job, working conditions in Japan as well as clarifying recruitment requirements for this order. Currently, this enterprise has about 100,000 chickens which have a quite large scale. Duties of trainees include collecting chicken egg and package in the morning; check health for chickens regularly,…This job requires workes must move a lot because of large feeding farm. By means of pictures and videos of  the system of machines, cleaning procedures, care of chickens,…3 trainees clearly understood of job for this order.
Thực tập sinh thi phỏng vấn trực tiếp
Thực tập sinh nghe hướng dẫn
Listening to introduce job in Ibaraki, Japan

After dissemination knowledge part, 3 trainees took part in the interview with the easy questions. At the same time, trainees confidently asked for Japanese partners problems without understanding of job, life in Japan, salary, bonus, allowance,….

Finishing the interview, Japanese partners selected 2 trainees who have clear goals. The exit will be expected in February, 2018 after training Japanese, cultural and social knowledge at Thang Long Japanese Center.
2 lao động trúng tuyển
2 trainees passed the interview to work in Japan

Currently, Thang Long OSC has deployed many attractive orders to work in Japan. Please leave your phone number at the end of this post, or call to hotline 0868.986.528 - 0981057683 - 0981 079 362 – 0981052583 to be supported free!