Welcome Ha Noi Technology College to visit and cooperate educationwith Thang Long OSC

On May 20threcently, Ha Noi Technology College (HiTech)officially visited and discussed with Thang Long OSC at Thang Long OSC’s head office.

That is activities continuing to negotiate the problem of bilateral cooperation which was taken place on May 11thbetween Thang Long OSC and HiTech on supply manpower for Japan.
Tiếp đón trường cao đẳng công nghệ Hà Nội
Discussing and negotiating the problems of bilateral cooperation in detail
Taking the lead in the visit was Mr. Ho Viet – Vice Rector, and 8 teachers who are master, doctor keeping many positions such as Dean, Vice Dean inHiTech. The visit was warmly welcomed by The Board of Directors of Thang Long OSC that presented the spirit of hospitality, cooperation of both two sides.
Trường cao đẳng công nghệ Hà Nội
Mr. Viet – Vice Rector was introducing the program of the meeting
After introducing the program of meeting, organizational structure, developed potentials, the meeting was continuing to discuss the stated matters in the previous meeting. Details:
  • Detail of vocational training (mainly in the fields of mechanics, electronics) with language training (Japanese) for business trainees who have demand for working in Japan. The long –term goal is training manpower resources with high quality, graduation at least N3 and fluent in workmanship.
  • Informing the progress of completion for the hostel and rooms for business trainees. It’s expected to be completed by the end of July 2017 to serve the cooperation plans of two sides.

It’s expected after completing the construction items, schools will train 400 students with at least N3 and be influent in workmanship to supply for the orders of Japan including business trainee, engineer of Thang Long OSC.

Finishing the meeting, the teachers of HiTech visited and contacted teachers and students who are working as well as studying at Thang Long Japanese Center.
Thăm hỏi học sinh tại trung tâm đào tạo Thăng Long Osc
Making the conversations with students at Thang Long Japanese Center
Cơ sở vật chất trung tâm Thang Long Osc
Giao lưu hợp tác với Thăng Long Osc
Hợp tác với trường cao đẳng công nghệ hà nội
The visit and cooperation of HiTechhas opened the good signals for the cooperation of training and supply manpower resources with high quality for Japan between Thang Long OSC and HiTech. It’s expected to sign the contract will be conducted in next week.

That is good news for students who are looking for the opportunity to work in Japan. Therefore, don’t miss the good opportunities to study, and work in Japan. Especially,receiving the special treatment on expenses which are applied at Thang Long OSC. Let’s register now!

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