VTC : “Sweet Fruits” welcoming Spring thank to Labor Export (?)

The lives of many workers were changed when coming to Thang Long OSC to find a way for working abroad. 

Labor export : a turning point

In the cold weather, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, local reporters of VTC News visit Cu Thi Phuong’s house (06/08/1992), located in Moc Chau (Son La). Ms. Phuong was one of the first person who participated the Labor export program in Moc Chau.

Ms. Phuong said that because economic conditions of the family was too difficult, and hearing rumors that working abroad will earn a lot of money, so she went consult the informations over the network and randomly found Thang Long OSC Company.

Labor export japan

In 2016, Ms. Phuong registered an working order in Japan at Thang Long International Investment and Cooperation JSC (Thang Long OSC). After the interview, she was accepted to work at a Food Processing Plant with a 3-year contract term.

After all her relentless efforts, Ms. Phuong finished her contract and returned to the country in 9/2019 with a savings of 700 Million Dong – a significant amount of money that helping her in the future.

In fact, Labor export is now no longer a story too unfamiliar. This seems to be a positive direction for labors to have a better life instead of going to college, or apprenticeship, or looking for a job in the country, like Ms Phuong.

Her life was changed by a turning point called Labor export. A new specious house, a small capital to do business with a dream of becoming the owner of a homestay, located on the farm town. Looking at her family, everyone were excited, preparing furniture and decorating the house for welcoming the spring that’s coming, we are happy for them.

labor export in japan - thang long osc

Commit to bring the value and satisfaction to the workers

Not only Ms Phuong, but so many Vietnamese lives have changed when they come to Thang Long OSC. Each year, the company brings thousands of workers and apprenticeship in different professions to work in countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Macao, Algieria. Workers who go to work abroad not only bring tremendous economic benefit but also a solution for the government policy, state.

The income from the Labor Export has contributed to improve the lives of so many families, help them to become well off. Many workers after returning have became business owners, creating jobs for others labors, contributing to the development and economic stability of the society.

With these "Sweet Fruits", Thang Long OSC Company contributed actively a small part to the construction and development of the country; creating jobs for workers and reducing poverty.

Thang Long OSC Company will continue to commit, to bring the value and satisfaction to employees, become the company providing high quality of labors to Japan, Taiwan, Algeria.

Advantages of register for Labor export at Thang Long OSC

- Minimizer spendings, support workers for register, accurate procedures

- Varied working orders with high wages,

- Work directly with the company, not through intermediate

- Having official Head office and a training center

- Having representatives offices the others countries to solve all problems for the workers who work abroad



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