The closing ceremony 2016 and commemorating 4 foundation years of Thang Long OSC.

On January, 14threcently in the meeting – hall of Ha Noi Women’s Union organized “The closing ceremony and commemorating 4 foundation years of Thang Long OSC”.

Here istheformal ceremony to mark 4 years of foundation and growth. Further, admitting contributions, big efforts of the board of directors as well as all staffs through 4 years in buildingThang Long OSC becomes one of the best company in the field of labor export, study abroad in Viet Nam.
Kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập công ty

Attending the ceremony has partners, customers, the board of directors and all staffs as well as the best Thang Long Japanese Center’s trainees.

Thang Long OSC found on January 1st, 2013, up to this timeThang Long International Cooperation and Investment Joint Stock Company has gone through the road of foundation and development. 4 years is not long time to write history, but is meaningful period to mark growth of the company. 4 years with many challenges, 4 years with many efforts, and building a strong Thang Long OSC that stable with time.

In the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Tran Thang– Board Chairman had a speech to start program and sentthankfulness to everyone in this ceremony. He shared: “The development of Thang Long OSC buildsevery day by effort, enthusiasm, and passion of all staffs of Thang Long OSC. Especially, the big contributionsare support of domestic partners, and foreign partners as well as believing of the thousand of workers, trainees in the whole country”.
Lễ kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập công ty

The ceremony program is not only activities of the closing ceremony, but also giving deep thankfulness to all partners, customers and staffs of Thang Long OSC through 4 years. In the near future, Thang Long OSC will grow strongly and stably.

Continuing the speech of Mr. Nguyen Tran Thang was the closing activities of Thang Long OSC in 2016 as well as offered directions, goals in 2017 by Mr. Ngo Ba Quyet – General Director.
Kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập công ty.

Looking back the process of foundation and development of “family”Thang Long OSC, Mr. Ngo Ba Quyet shared: “Thang Long OSC starts with a few staffs, we strive to look for workers every day. After 4 years with the best efforts, we become the best company in the field of labor export and study abroad”.

However, at the same time, Thang Long OSC realized that just effort is not enough, Thang Long OSC needs to develop professionally. Therefore, Thang Long OSC is striving its best to upgrade quality services to meet all requirements of customers.

On the occasion of the ceremony,Mrs.Tran Thi Yen – Manager of Administrative Department awarded the decision of compliment for individuals, team who got excellent achievement in 2016. 
Lễ kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập công ty

After awarded the certificates, gifts were the art program which was prepared in long time of Thang Long Japanese Center’s trainees. Some special presentations such as: washing dance, flash - mob dance with title “Viet Nam oi”, folk art “Co doithuongngan” which reappears Vietnamese’s culture,…

Finally, Thang Long OSC feasted some special foods to express thankfulness of Thang Long OSC to everyone who took part in this ceremony, and hoping Thang Long OSC will strongly develop in the field of labor export and study abroad in Viet Nam
Buổi lễ kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập công ty.
Kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập công ty
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Kỷ niệm 4 năm thành lập Thăng Long Osc