Japanese Enterprise visited the family of trainees before exiting.

On 11th February recently, Japanese representative enterprise operating in the field of wood, construction visited the family of trainees before exiting to work in Japan. At the same time, they expressed desire to continue cooperating with Thang Long OSC in the next recruitment seasons in 2017.
Doanh nghiệp Nhật sang thăm gia đình TTS
Japanese representative intimately talked to parents and trainees before exiting at Thang Long OSC’s office

As soon as they arrived in Viet Nam, Japanese representative visited the head office of Thang Long OSC and organized a greeting with families who have the trainees who are preparing to work in March 2017 in Japan. The best face trainees are proud of families and carefully chosen for construction order in September 2016.

It is not like the other markets of labor export, the trade union, as well as the enterprise in Japan always spend time for workers. From the support for life, work for trainees working at its trainees, Japanese enterprise also expresses their responsibilities for life of the family’s trainee in Viet Nam. It is rarely for the other markets such as Taiwan, Korea, Algeria,…
Nghiệp đoàn Nhật sang thăm.

During the meeting, Japanese representative encouraged for the effort, spirit of trainees through 6 months. Besides, they expressed desires the parents to be assured that their children entrusted to manage in Japan. Further, they would like to cooperate in the field of supply manpower with Thang Long OSC for many new projects in 2017.

The families were happy before motions of Japanese representative, and also they expressed their thankfulness and hoped that Japanese enterprise will take care of trainees working in Japan. The gifts of hometown were given to Japanese visitors before leaving as their deep thankfulness.

The visiting finished in the joy, Japanese representative also spent more time to discuss with the board of director of Thang Long OSC about the problem of cooperation in the field of supply manpower for the next construction projects in 2017.