Japanese Enterprise informally visited with the family of 5 trainees.

Recently, the senior representative of a Japanese enterprise which operates in the field of the mechanic at Fukuoka informally visited with the family of 5 trainees who have worked in accordance with the contract of 3 years period in Japan.

As soon as they arrived in Viet Nam, the representative of Japanese enterprise immediately visited the head office of Thang Long OSC as well as the family of 5 trainees. The meeting took place in the atmosphere was very warm and comfortable when having lunch together. Further, they talked about the conditions of life as well as work of 5 trainees over 1 year in Japan.
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Here’s the difference with the other market of labor export, the trade union and enterprise in Japan always care about workers such as support for life and work of trainees who have worked at the factory in Japan. They not only care about the life of trainees but also the family of trainees in Viet Nam. Here’s a typical that other markets such as Taiwan, Korea, Algeria are very rare.

During the meeting, the representative of Japanese enterprise encouraged and praised for the effort, hard – working, inquisitive spirit of trainees. In addition, they expressed the wish of cooperation with Thang Long OSC in the field of supply manpower resources for many new projects in the near future.
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The family were touched by the sentiments of Japanese enterprise and would like to be received support from Japanese enterprise in supervision the life of trainees in Japan. The local gifts instead of gratitude and hospitality of the family of trainees to Japanese enterprise before leaving.

In order to finish the visit, Japanese enterprise spent more time to discuss with the leader of Thang Long OSC for the next cooperation in the recruitment project of the mechanic, metal punching. Believing each other and satisfy for the quality of recruitment which promote the relation between Thang Long OSC and Japanese partner are raised to a new level.