A jubilant Christmas at Thang Long Japanese Center

Annually on the occasion of Christmas, teachers and students at Thang Long Japanese Center jubilantly celebrates a party with various art performances to close 1 year having memories and welcome a new year more peaceful and happy.
Đón Noel tại Thăng Long Osc

The Christmas was overwhelming everywhere with eventful and vibrant colors of Jesus birth night. Ignoring daily worries of study, work,…teachers and students at Thang Long Japanese Center organized a party to welcome Noel, a new year with many activities very meaningful in jubilant atmosphere and love.

At Thang Long Japanese Center, the atmosphere of Christmas has come from the days of December. Every student is happy, and interested in the activities of decoration for its class room more colored, preparing art performance, games,…to contribute to a jubilant party.
Thăng Long Osc tổ chức Noel

In the cold atmosphere of December 24th, all students of the center with Thang Long OSC’s teachers, staffs shared happy moments together. The party was prepared to see off the old year and welcome the new year with wishes to be successful and happy.

The most interesting is art performances and attractive games were held in this party. Both teacher and student “burned” in all games such as: “banana fire”, “balloon couple”, “eating”,…brought animated laughters for this party.
Noel 2016 Thăng Long osc

Closing a busy year with many memories, the party is not only to wish lucky things of the new year but also the opportunity of Thang Long OSC’s staffs share together in work.

A warm Christmas has come again, Thang Long Japanese Center always wish next 365 days of happy, peaceful for Thang Long OSC’s students. Having fun but do not forget main task is to study, practice well. Thang Long OSC will always be the second family with you on the road of success.